Raindrop Technique

The Raindrop Technique is a method of using Vita Flex, reflexology, massage techniques, etc., and essential oils applied on various locations of the body to bring it structural and electrical alignment. It is designed to bring balance to the body with its relaxing and mild application.
Nine different essential oils are used in a layering technique to the feet and spine. These include: Valor, Oregano, Thyme, Basil, Cypress, Wintergreen, Marjoram, Aroma Siez and Peppermint.

When Gary Young developed Raindrop Technique he first chose nine pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils that would synergistically combine to kill viral and bacterial pathogens, reduce inflammation, support the immune system, ease respiratory discomfort, relax stressed muscles, and relieve the body of bone and joint discomfort. He felt this combination of oils would also balance the energy, lift the spirit by reducing stress, and calm a troubled and confused mind. This began a new realm of healing that emerged from within the confines of emotional blockage.
In the cerebral cortex is a structure called the amygdala that is affected only by scent. It is here that the emotions and memories of life are stored. Since essential oils have the ability to cross the blood barrier and stimulate the amygdala, buried feelings of past trauma, emotional upset, and unhappy memories are often released to the cognizant mind, bringing those feelings and consequences to the surface of awareness. Many physical and emotional problems become dim or completely disappear as the foundation of the emotion is discovered and released. Raindrop Technique has vast benefits only to be realized by the individual receiving the application. It is different for each individual and is very personal and specific to each person’s needs. Children tend to respond even faster than adults because they do not have any preconceived ideas about what they want to have happen or experience. They just love it and often fall asleep while the essential oils and the touch of massage fill them with peace and contentment as body systems harmonize together. Raindrop Technique is an experience for everyone at any age for whatever the need or desire may be, and perhaps it is just a time of quiet relaxation and enjoyment.

The oils are first applied to the instep/bottom of the feet via the Vita Flex Technique. Next the oils are dispensed like drops of rain from a height of about 6 inches above the back. Starting from the low back, the oils are feathered with the back of the fingers up along the vertebrae, out over the back muscles, and over the shoulders to the neck. Each oil is layered along the spine utilizing a specific massage technique to enhance relaxation and encourage the oils into the body. Although the entire technique takes from 30-45 minutes to complete, the oils continue to work for several days as the healing and realignment process takes place. Many people feel the benefits of the oils for several days afterwards, as they recognize that the pain has decreased or is completely gone, there is no fever, they have more mobility, and they have an overall feeling of peace and a renewed zest for life. Raindrop Technique is an experience for everyone at any age for whatever the need or desire may be, and perhaps it is just a time of quiet relaxation and enjoyment.
*It is important to recognize that a healthy body is not attained by doing just one thing. It is a result of a well-rounded program of exercise, proper diet, and sufficient sleep. Health is everything we do, say, see, eat and think, along with drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep. – Essential Oils Desk Ref.

*** My personal note. Raindrop is a very powerful detoxing technique. I have personally witnessed the healing benefits over and over. My first experience was with my Aunt Gail who was suffering terribly with Lyme Disease. I wrote an article which I will post in the comments for more information if you’re interested. Many of the Raindrop sessions I do have been mainly associated with Lyme Disease. I have also had a lot of success with children, including my own, to help ward off colds, flu’s, viruses and bronchitis. My kids love it and request it quite often. We use it as our “flu shot” at home. If you are somewhat local and want to receive your own Raindrop, private message me for details.


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