Allergy Season and All Things Essential


We’re getting into that time of year again, although I know some of you are already suffering…..allergy season. So here are a couple of Young Living essential oils and products, along with some other staples we can use to help relieve our suffering. First off, let’s start with 3 essential oils that when used alone or combined, really have an excellent affect on relieving allergies. Lavender, Peppermint and Lemon oils.

– Lavender – 2 drops under the tongue, by itself will usually help relieve allergies.
– Peppermint – put a drop or two in the mouth to help relieve congestion and itchy nose and throat.

You may also combine Lavender, Peppermint and Lemon together to help create a trifecta for allergy relief. Here’s how:

– In the diffuser, combine 2-4 drops of each oil.
– Layer the 3 oils on the bottoms of the feet or the back of the neck or, combine equal amounts of drops in an empty bottle and add a roller ball top, for easy application.
– Internally – add 2-3 drops of each oil in an empty capsule, shot of water or spoon of honey or agave syrup and ingest.
– Ningxia Red – high antioxidant and immune support may also help with allergies. 1-2 oz’s a day is all you need.
– Breathe Again roll-on essential oil – is a blend of 4 different eucalyptus oils and Peppermint, Copaiba and Myrtle. Roll on sinuses and forehead for relief.
– Local Raw Honey – (near and dear to my heart now that I am a bee keeper) Just a spoonful a day will help the body build up immunities to allergies in your area.
– Neti pot – Helps to naturally flush out the sinuses in a gentle way utilizing salt water.

**Please only use Young Living or a suitable brand as YL is 100% pure therapeutic grade.

** Children – apply oils to the bottoms of their feet. Do not ingest.


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