Night Terrors, Spiritual Mediums and Essential Oils


Hello, my name is Shannon Shuey.  I would like to share with you my journey into the world of essential oils.  I am an average, everyday wife, mother of three, full time professional, truth seeker and spiritual health and wellness enthusiast. February of 2013 was my family’s sickest winter, especially for my then, four year old son Owen.  He was in the process of recovering from pneumonia, so bad that he spent two nights in the hospital.  When he returned home, he started experiencing night terrors.  Owen would go to sleep peacefully only to “awaken” 2-3 hours later crying, which quickly turned to hysterical screaming.  I would run into his room, pull him into a tight hug and tell him that he was safe and that I was there.  He seemed to look right through me like I wasn’t there and yell, “Mom, where are you?”  Surprised, I would shake him a little and say can’t you see me?  I’m right here.  The night terrors would only last a few minutes, maybe ten minutes at the most before he would crumple into my arms.  He always seemed confused as to why I was there with a terrified gaze.

I researched night terrors online and attributed his illness and lack of sleep as the cause.  During our follow up visit with his pediatrician, I casually mentioned the night terrors which were becoming our nightly routine.  The answer I got from our doctor was horrifying to me.  She told me that he should grow out of it and if it got to the point of “disruptive” in our household with my two girls, (Isabella 6 and Piper 6 months) that we could probably medicate him.  I am not someone who is quick to jump on medicating my children unnecessarily or simply because their behavior is inconvenient.

As spring approached and we became healthier as a family, the night terrors subsided only occurring once in a while.  Life went back to normal, or so we thought.  February of 2014 came around and mysteriously the night terrors returned.  My husband and I would put the kids to bed and just wait.  We knew within 2-3 hours our own personal hell would start all over again. They came back with a vengeance this time.  Just as before, Owen would go to sleep peacefully just to awaken to hysterical crying.  We would run into his room and rush him into the bathroom so that he wouldn’t wake up Izzy.   Once again I would try to hug and comfort him and assure him that I was there.  I would remind him to surround himself in a bubble of white light and call upon his angels.  He would thrash around until I couldn’t hold him anymore.  There were times he would methodically bump his head on the wall or cower in the corner of the room like someone was about to strike him.  I often tried to ask him what he was seeing.  At one point he started screaming about the walls.  He told me they seemed far away and close at the same time.  It was awful, it made no sense.  Seeing your child in extreme distress and not being able to help them makes you feel utterly helpless as a parent.  These episodes would normally last for about 10-15 minutes, some slightly longer, before he would again crumple into my arms and look at me with his beautiful eyes, confusion spreading across his face.  He would ask why we were in the bathroom or say he would like to go to bed.  He never had any recollection of the night terrors, thank God!  At that time it seemed to be more traumatizing for my husband and me, to watch him go through this.   I knew at this point I needed some help.

The previous September I met and received a reading from a wonderful medium named Jack.  It was in this first reading that he told me Owen was gifted (both my girls too) and that he was an Indigo child.  I left there and went home and read every book I could get my hands on about Indigo children.  Basically, they are highly sensitive, spiritual children that have come to help us further our spiritual journeys and bring peace to the Earth.  I called Jack and discussed Owen’s night terrors.  He told me that often with Indigo children; dark or negative spirits seek them out and try to “scare” them from bringing light to the rest of us.  He believed that was what Owen was experiencing as opposed to a developmental issue.  Jack agreed to come over to my house to check out the energy and see exactly what was going on.  Some interesting things came out of this.  First of all, he found a group of revolutionary soldier spirits that had not crossed over.  This helped to explain some of Owen’s nightmares about a uniformed man with a gun.  It also helped explain why my highly empathic daughter Isabella (Izzy) was feeling scared in their shared bedroom.  Many times she told me she felt like someone was following her with a knife or a gun.  Second, he said the multicolored block pattern that I had painted in the corner of the kid’s bedroom was extremely upsetting for Owen to see at night in a dimly lit room (a side effect of him being gifted).  This explained the wall situation he cried about during some of the night terrors.  His perception was thrown off in the midst of the night terror, with the blocks multiplying an almost 3D effect to him.  Third and scariest, he confirmed that there were negative dark spirits lurking around.  Jack proceeded to smudge our house with sage and rid us of all the bad spirits hanging around.  He also placed a dome of protection over our house and property and asked that a legion of angels come to protect us all.  It was an amazing experience to say the least.  As you can probably imagine, my 7yr old Izzy and 5yr old Owen were just a little freaked out by hearing and witnessing this process.

Jack also had told me about an essential oil called Peace and Calming, a blend of oils exclusively through Young Living.  This was a God-send for us.  We religiously applied it to the bottoms of the kid’s feet at night before tucking them in.  Not only does it smell wonderful, it worked!!  The kids slept like rocks from that night on.  There have been no more night terrors.  We’ve gotten to the point now where the kids ask for the oils when they “feel” they need it.  Needless to say, it made me a believer.

I decided to look into Young Living oils a little further.  I’ve always been the type of person, and Mom, that looked for alternatives to medicine when I could.  I researched and tried a few more of Young Living’s array of oils and blends.  Satisfaction with their products and company has now led me to become an independent distributor.  Young Living offers many different oils for everyone.  The company was founded by a bunch of unsatisfied light workers and healers.  They wanted high quality, 100% pure essential oils to use on themselves and their clients.  A good percentage of the oils are so pure they are even safe enough to ingest.  I could go on and on about Young Living and the oils themselves, but I really don’t need too, they speak for themselves.   From allergies, sleep disorders, rashes, acne, and sore muscles, to PMS, menopause, hormonal imbalances, ADD, PTSD, depression, and anxiety to even more severe illnesses such as Lyme, MS, Parkinsons, and ALS, there is literally an essential oil out there to help everything.

Here are a few examples of some of the blended oils for mediums, healers, aura protection and warding off negative energies.
Awaken, Believe, Clarity, Dream Catcher, Envision, Forgiveness, Grounding, Harmony, Hope, Inspiration, Release, Trauma Life, Valor and White Angelica.   Many of the oils are also multi-taskers, meaning, they can be used for many different things.  I highly encourage all of you to check out Young Living’s website at .  Browse through the different oils and see if any call out to you.  If you would like to sign up or order my ID# 1648615 or go to contact information for my direct link.  

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