Raindrop Technique and Lyme Disease


Essential Oils and Lyme Disease


The story you are about to read is one that is very near and dear to my heart.  It was the driving force that pushed me further down the path of discovering the true healing powers of essential oils.  When you persevere with love in your heart and fierce determination, anything is possible.

My Aunt Gail was just recently diagnosed with Lyme disease.  This has been an extremely long, four year process to finally get to this point. Without a tick bite or bulls eye rash, it is a hard diagnosis to come by as it can mimic many different things.

Four years ago began the slow decline of my Aunt.  Aunt does not even justify my relationship with her.  She’s been like a second mother to me, a mentor, cheerleader in life, positive role model, and best friend.  To see someone you love so dearly deteriorate physically, emotionally and spiritually right before your eyes, and not being able to help is possibly the worst feeling in the world.  There was no bull’s eye rash, no visible tick or tick bite to trigger a prompt diagnosis and treatment.  There was instead the onset of aches and pains, unexplained swelling of joints here and there, bouts of mild depression, stiffness, feelings of an oncoming flu that never amounted and countless other symptoms.  As you may be thinking, these are all very typical symptoms of Lyme.  Gail went to her family doctor and requested a test.  It came back negative.  As the years pressed on and the symptoms continued, many different doctors were sought out.  She saw an orthopedic surgeon, for the knee swelling, a rheumatologist, for possible arthritis, a holistic nutritionist of my recommendation, a chiropractor, and still little to no relief.  With an already known polycystic kidney disease diagnosis back in 2004, careful consideration had to be taken when considering different medications and treatments. A team of doctors at a very prominent hospital was also tried but without any positive outcome.  Frustration and feelings of hopelessness were starting to kick in.  On Easter Sunday of 2014, I walked into my Mom’s kitchen and found Gail crying.  We talked and I feared that Gail was nearing rock bottom.  We all have a breaking point when we feel terrible; nothing is helping, and feel that we’re not ever going to get better.  I knew I needed to do something to help.  I researched her kidney disease and other symptoms.  Coming up empty handed with only routes we had already tried, I suggested she see a friend of mine.  This friend is a very gifted spiritual medium who is also a medical intuitive, meaning he can see all the way down to the molecular structure of your body.  This is where we got the indication that it might be tick related.  He had also suggested that she come back and have his wife, who is an intuitive healer, perform a “Raindrop” on her.  Being that she lived over two hours away from them, it became virtually impossible to schedule the time, with her work schedule and theirs.  I decided to look into this Raindrop technique myself and see what it was all about.  My research led me to a website by a woman who was suffering from Lyme disease and how she believed the Raindrop technique saved her life.  I couldn’t believe it!  I set up an appointment with my friend’s wife and had my own Raindrop technique.  She very carefully talked me through everything she was doing and once off the table, taught me how to use each oil and perform each massage technique specific to it.  The Raindrop technique involves 9 different Young Living essential oils, chosen to synergistically combine to kill viral and bacterial pathogens, reduce inflammation, support the immune system, ease respiratory discomfort, relax stressed muscles, and relieve the body of bone and joint discomfort.  The combinations of oils are also believed to balance the energy, lift the spirit by reducing stress, and calm a troubled and confused mind.  It is applied first to the instep of the foot using the Vitaflex technique.  The oils are then dispensed like drops of rain, hence its name Raindrop, from the low back to the top of the spine and neck.  The oils are then feathered up the spine and different methods of massage are utilized to help push the oils into the body.  Although this typically takes between 40-60 minutes, the effects of the oils work for days.  The oils used are as follows:

Single oils

Oregano – Awakens receptors, kills pathogens, and helps digest toxic substances on the receptor sites.

Thyme – Kills pathogens and digests waste and toxic substances on the receptor sites.

Basil – Releases muscle tension.

Cypress – Improves circulation and is oil for pituitary gland.

Wintergreen – Reduces pain.

Marjoram – Strengthens muscles.

Peppermint – Promotes greater oil penetration.

Essential oil blends:

Valor – Structural balancing and alignment.

Aroma Siez – Muscle relaxation and pain reduction.

As you can see, this is a very powerful concoction of essential oils.  Out of desperation to help my Aunt, I started to perform the Raindrop technique on a weekly basis for her.  At the time of her first session, she was dangerously thin, unable to turn her neck to either side, her knees were very swollen, walking was a painful task, her skin coloring was ashen and she was going through a terrible emotional roller coaster.  Fortunately by the second or third session, she was able to retire from her job and just focus on her health.  As soon as I applied the first two oils she could immediately feel a slight burning sensation in both her knees.  This was a good indication that the oils were reacting with toxins in her body already!  By the end of the session, she had a little nausea which passed pretty quickly once she was able to drink some water and flush some of the toxins out.  By the fourth and fifth session, she was really starting to notice some big differences in her health.  Around the sixth session she was finally diagnosed with Lyme disease by a holistic infectious disease doctor.  Finally, we knew what to call it.  It didn’t matter though, we were starting to get somewhere with the Raindrop technique.  It has been an absolute blessing to be able to witness the transformation taking place in her.  Her energy has started coming back, her color looks better, we’re still working on boosting her weight but believe that so much detox is happening in her body right now that it may be delaying that a little, the swelling in her knees is also going down, with the help of a chiropractor she is now able to turn her neck a little more, but most of all her spirit is coming back.  I’ve seen her laugh and smile more now and that means more to me than anything.  I have my Aunt and best friend back.  I could not ask for more!  There is still a lot of uphill left but we are well on our way.  We will continue with the Raindrop technique.  It is believed by some doctors and organizations that Lyme disease never goes away.  I myself had the bull’s eye rash about 3 years ago.  I was one of the lucky ones and was treated right away.  Some believe the Lyme spirochete can lie dormant along your spine and activate at any time the body undergoes major illness or stress.  I’m not taking that chance.  I too will get a yearly Raindrop, if for nothing else than an immune system boost.  In fact, everyone can benefit from a Raindrop.  Please make sure that you find someone who is certified or trained in performing the raindrop before you receive one.  All medical conditions should be reviewed by your therapist as adjustments or oil substitutes may need to be made.  Raindrop can also be performed on children, but amounts and dilutions of the oils are necessary.

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