Bergamot has the fresh, sweet citrus scent that is familiar to many as the flavoring in Earl Grey tea. Uplifting and relaxing, it is good for building confidence and enhancing your mood. It has a long history of use for oily and troubled skin. 
Medical Properties: Calming, hormonal support, antibacterial, antidepressant.  
Uses: Agitation, depression, anxiety, intestinal parasites, insomnia, viral infections (herpes, cold sores).

Fragrant Influences: Relieves anxiety, mood lifting qualities.

Application: Dilute 1 part essential oil with 1 part V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex or other pure vegetable oil; 1. apply 1-2 drops on location 2. apply on chakras and/or Vita Flex Points 3. inhale directly 4. diffuse 5. take as a dietary supplement.  
Cautions: Avoid applying to skin that will be exposed to sunlight or UV light within 36 hours. 
Found in: Awaken, Clarity, Dream Catcher, Forgiveness, Gentle Baby, Harmony, Joy, Progessence Plus Serum, and White Angelica.


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